Our baked cakes represent an authentic culinary heritage of the Molise tradition. They are healthy and delicious products, prepared exclusively with flours and corn from the Italian region of Molise. A true pleasure to tasteand preserve. 




Panetto di Mais: the sweetness of Molise

Our Panetto di Mais (Cornbread), also known as "Grandinje" or "Pannocchio" in the Italian city of Campobasso, is an icon of the Molisian tradition. This plum cake-shaped corn dessert is made with fresh Grade A eggs from Molise, dairy butter and "agostinello" corn flour, an ancient stone-ground Molise corn, which gives it its characteristic yellow color. Palm oil and liquor free.

Inside our tasty corn flour dessert, you will find dark chocolate chips that will cheer up your palate.

Pan Delizia: a sweet almond zuccotto

Pan Delizia, also known in Italy as zuccotto (due to its shape, and traditionally made in a special pumpkin-shaped mould) or parrozzo, is a typical dessert from Molise. It is prepared with the excellent Apulian almond flour, soaked in a delicate angelica root liqueur and covered with hazelnut and chocolate.

As with the other Cianciullo baked cakes and specialties, for our Pan Delizia we only use Grade A Molise eggs and dairy butter, avoiding palm oil.

Pan di Jelsi: a tribute to our home

Pan di Jelsi is a zuccotto-shaped dessert dedicated to our place of origin. It is prepared with hazelnut flour and the Agostinello corn flour, typical of the region of Molise, and soaked in a delicate angelica root liqueur. It is a dessert very similar to the so called "Milk Pan" of the city of Campobasso, which derives its name from the milk liqueur typically used to wet it.

The distinctive touch of our Pan di Jelsi is undoubtedly the cremino chocolate covering, which completes the flavor of this delicate hazelnut cake making it just the right amount of sweetness.

Torta dell'Ubriaco: the scent of Tintilia DOC red wine

The Torta dell'Ubriaco is a cake made with Tintilia DOC red wine from Molise. This delicacy contains hazelnuts, cocoa, cinnamon, candied orange peel and black cherries, all covered in hazelnut chocolate. These are the quality raw materials that make it an authentic delight for the palate. The Cianciullo wine cake has the classic zuccotto shape and palm oil free.

Baking cakes for Easter

At Easter, our baked cakes turn into an Italian traditional Easter dessert, the colombe. An Easter marvel capable of bringing the authentic tradition of our region to all tables.

The Biscottificio Cianciullo accompanies you in every special moment of your life: try our baked desserts now and share your experience with us!