Panzerotti dolci

One of the best known and loved products of our biscuit factory are undoubtedly the panzerotti dolci, (a sweet turnover which resembles a small calzone, both in shape and dough).

Cianciullo panzerotti are handmade crescent-shaped shortcrust pastry biscuits. These desserts are a consistent part of the Molise tradition and of our biscuit factory, and it is with pride that we share them with our loyal customers.

Over the years, the original receipt has been enhanced, creating products with a sweet and delicate taste that pamper the palate.




Panzerotti Cianciullo: shortcrust pastry biscuits with an irresistible filling

Initially available in a limited number of variations, our Panzerotti are now sold in different fillings, one tastier than the other.

If you love fruit, we recommend the more classic black cherry panzerotti. For an extra touch of flavor, our fig biscuits are the perfect choice. If you prefer something fresher and juicier, you may alternatively opt for the lemon biscuits. Or…why not dare to try the irresistible taste of our hazelnut Panzerotti?

High quality Italian jams and creams

But what makes the Cianciullo panzerotti so special? Our delicious shortcrust pastry biscuits are prepared with Italian jams with a high percentage of fresh fruit, top-quality lemons and hazelnut cream. Whatever your favorite flavour, we always guarantee you a superior quality…

…but that’s not all! These palate delights are covered with icing sugar or granulated sugar to add a touch of sweetness and make your taste experience unforgettable. The unique flavor and irresistible crumbliness of Cianciullo’s panzerotti dolci will win you over with every bite. What are you waiting for? You need to try them right now!