Artisan Brioche and Croissants

The brioches and croissants of Biscottificio Cianciullo are prepared with passion and skill by our master pastry chefs. These leavened desserts, inspired by authentic Italian artisan tradition, are ideal for delighting the palate at any time of the day.




Ingredients of Excellence

The raw materials used are of the highest quality. We use Grade A eggs from Molise, whole Italian milk and dairy butter extracted directly from the milk. Thanks to these selected ingredients we guarantee the maximum authenticity and goodness of our products. Plus, our brioche and croissant dough are palm oil free, ensuring your health and the well-being of the planet.

Brioche with sourdough: classic and with chocolate chips

Thanks to the use of mother yeast and slow, natural leavening, Cianciullo’s brioches are incredibly soft and highly digestible. Whether you prefer a classic pignetta or a chocolate brioche, our selection will satisfy you. Both variants will win you over with their delicate and balanced flavour.

Croissant with sourdough

Our classic croissants are also made with sourdough, an ingredient that gives them a unique taste and an enveloping fragrance. Each croissant is produced with care and dedication, respecting the long leavening times necessary to guarantee maximum quality and digestibility. Soft and tasty, our handcrafted croissants are a delight to be savoured.

Leavened desserts for every occasion

Individually packaged to guarantee maximum freshness and fragrance, Cianciullo’s brioches and croissants are the perfect choice for a rich and tasty breakfast or to indulge yourself in sweetness at any time of the day. And if you want something fresh, our pignette are great for the typical "brioche with ice cream" or the tasty "maritozzi" with cream, ideal for your summer breaks.

Le’ts bring the traditional flavor of Cianciullo artisanal brioches and croissants to your table!