Artisanal Panettoni and Colombe

The artisan Panettoni and Colombe are among the most authentic and genuine artisanal specialties of our Biscottificio Cianciullo. These gastronomic delights are real works of art that are produced with first choice ingredients which get processed and leavened meticulously, all to give you a unique taste experience.

They are the Italian symbol par excellence of special moments shared with our loved ones during the holidays. Their sophisticated workmanship makes these specialties real clouds of butter that melt in your mouth.





Per le feste più sentite dell’anno, due dolci della tradizione italiana fatti con materie prime di qualità eccellenti e tempi di lavorazione e lievitazione molto lunghi.  




Cianciullo Panettoni and Colombe: authentic artisanal tradition

The extra-soft Cianciullo leavened baked products are made with mother yeast, refreshed, and worked every day with passion by our pastry chef Pasquale, and a natural leavening lasting 48 hours. Each dessert is rigorously created by hand, from the refreshing of the sourdough to the dough rounding, and from the glazing to the packaging. To conclude the work, our artisanal panettoni and colombe - perfect for Easter - are left to cool for 10 hours upside down. The extreme attention to detail, the manual skill of our master pastry chefs and the experience acquired over the years are reflected in the final quality of our desserts, rich in flavor but highly digestible.

The raw materials used are of excellent quality. 100% Italian wheat flours, Grade A eggs from Molise, Belgian butter, whole Italian milk, and the most delicate and precious acacia honey. The Sicilian semi-candied fruit, soft and juicy, completes the whole picture for an extremely soft structure and an elegant taste that will win you over with every bite.

Thanks to the meticulous working processes, the ingredients and quantities used and the characteristics of the finished product, Cianciullo panettone complies with the production regulations drawn up by the "Committee of Milanese Master Pastry Chefs".

Stuffed Panettoni and Easter Colombe for all tastes

Our assortment and selection of Panettoni made with sourdough is incredibly wide. You can choose between classic orange, citron and raisin panettone, pear and dark chocolate panettone, black cherry, apple and cinnamon panettone, panettone with pistachio cream and fig and the last but not the least, the walnut panettone.

We didn't spare ourselves even regarding the Colombe (a traditional Italian Easter dessert). Choose between the traditional orange Colomba and the delicious variant with pear and dark chocolate. Or try the exotic taste of our artisanal Colombe with peach and white chocolate or, why not, the ones with ginger and lemon. If you prefer fruity flavors, the black cherry Colomba and the one with apricot and almonds are the variants that are right for you.

Enjoy our gastronomic products at their best by bringing them closer, in the bag, to a heat source to melt the butter in the dough and make them soft and fragrant in just a few minutes.

Panettoni and Colombe are available in 750-gram formats and are food additive-free.

Rediscover the authentic taste of the Holidays with Cianciullo

If you want to make your Easter even more special, you need to choose the Biscottificio Cianciullo! Buy our broad selection of yeast-leavened products online and bring the artisanal quality and authentic flavor of Molise to your table!