Cianciullo’s ciambelline al vino (wine donuts) are a true local delicacy. Made with strictly selected grape DOC wines from the Italian Region of Molise, these donuts embody the real essence of the region's culinary tradition. Their rustic flavor will take you on a journey of timeless taste, bringing you back to the table spreads of family dinners or lunches of a bygone era.



Tarallucci al vino: a delight for all palates

Whether you prefer red or white wine, our wine biscuits can satisfy all tastes! The red wine ciambelline will win you over with their intense, deep flavor and the memory of authentic Italian cuisine. If, however, you are looking for a fresh and light sweetness, white wine ciambelline are the perfect choice.

The Cianciullo wine biscuits are an explosion of taste and texture. The perfect harmony of flavors and textures contained in each of them manages to make even those less accustomed to sweet flavors fall in love. The crumbly paste slowly melts in your mouth while the taste of the wine delicately spreads across the entire palate. To make this experience even more special, each donut is covered in sugar, creating a perfect balance between sweetness and crunchiness. A touch of love and dedication that adds that something extra to every bite.

Ciambelline al vino Cianciullo: a tribute to the Molise tradition

Our red and white wine ciambelline are a tribute to the culture, food and wine history of Molise. A journey into the past and into the authenticity of our region!

Our advice is to enjoy them alone, as a snack during the day, or as a dessert to accompany vin santo, wine, liqueurs and digestives.

If you haven't tasted the magic of Cianciullo's crumbly wine ciambelline yet, don't miss the opportunity: try them right now!