Cianciullo Artisanal Biscuit Factory: since 1967 a story of love, enthusiasm, and dedication

Our story begins with our grandfather, Nonno Pasquale, a talented chef passionate about bread-making and pastry-making. From his adventure in a restaurant in Venezuela to the Italian days spent as a chef in convents, each marvelous experience has helped him shape, dough after dough, his love for cooking. Until one day, when in 1967, he decided to launch his first bakery right in Jelsi, in the heart of the small and suggestive Molise.

Nonno Pasquale, always backed up by Nonna Michelina, immediately committed himself to teaching the art of confectionery to his three children, sharing with them his passion and the exciting stories of his own life, such as the one linked to Queen Maria José of Belgium ("the Queen of May”, the wife of the last Italian King, Umberto II of Savoy, and those about the mother of the Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy).

One day lost in the past, while he was working in a convent in Valle d'Aosta, at the foot of the Monte Rosa, he had the privilege of cooking for the Queen, delighting her with a dessert made with snow from the Alps. The Queen was so enthusiastic about this marvel that, after going back for seconds, she went into the kitchen to personally honor Nonno Pasquale. Still today, a remarkable picture keeps on immortalizing and recalling that royal moment.

Very soon, the three little children started to be fascinated by their father's dedication, by the flavour of freshly baked shortcrust pastries and bread which winded them every day. That’s why they decided to walk the same path, making bread and biscuits together for the population of Jelsi until their 90s.

From this family experience, our dad, Papà Francesco, developed his tireless passion for the art of confectionery and decided to enthusiastically embark on his personal journey into the delicious world of pastry making, initially experimenting with delicious fresh pastry creations, until specializing in dry biscuits. From that point on, the Biscottificio Cianciullo was born, an artisanal biscuit factory synonymous with sweetness and authenticity.


With a production entirely shaped by the family recipe books and the irreplaceable support of Mamma Caterina and the grandmothers, Nonne Michela and Giuseppina, Papà Francesco managed to stand out in the regional panorama by giving a true rebirth to the confectionery specialties of Jelsi and of those of the region. In 2006, his determination and talent allowed him to create an astonishing 1500 square meter factory.

Just like Grandfather Pasquale and Grandmother Michelina, Papà Francesco and Mamma Caterina managed to pass on their love for biscuit making to us, their two children, Pasquale and Michela. Today, Pasquale supports his father Francesco in his role as master pastry chef, while his mother Caterina – along with the sister Michela - take care of the administration and sales office.

Thanks to over 54 years of experience in the world of artisan biscuits, the family union and the support of 12 expert employees who have shared the path of Biscottificio Cianciullo for over 15 years, the company is positioned today on the market as a structured, solid, and reliable artisanal enterprise.